Nucleoside, Nucleotide & Carbohydrate Chemistry



  • Dedicated team with more than 120 chemists
  • Running 200+ Nucleoside programs per year, including custom synthesis, route development, and kg scale non-GMP production, etc.
  • Experienced in modification of Nucleoside (such as: N or C-base, 7’-deaza modification, 7’-alkyl modification, Carboncycle nucleoside); Phosphamidite (such as: phosphamidite, Thiophosphamidite, 2’-OTBS-3’-phosphamidite, 3’-OTBS-2’-phosphamidite); CDN compounds; Oligosaccharide; NMP; NDP; NTP; NTP-biotin; Nucleoside Polyphosphate; and Fluorescent NTP etc.



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